"Jen provides a beautiful atmosphere for pre-natal yoga classes.  She has a warm, authentic and compassionate energy, which translates into a safe and open environment which is important for mum's to be and was one in which I immediately felt comfortable.  

Her passion for delivering pre-natal yoga is obvious from the very first correspondence, through to her willingness to respond to questions in classes and beyond.

Jen's classes are well structured, and I love the practical tips and guest presenters. The classes delivered so much more than I expected for a 6-week pre-natal term.   That was a real bonus, especially as a first time mum soaking up whatever information and tips I can get!  

I really enjoyed Jen's classes and recommend them to anyone who is looking for a more active approach to their pregnancy.  

Thank-you Jen!"

Alana Brass

“I have recently finished the 6 week pre-natal yoga classes with Jen of Offspring Yoga. The next 6 classes can’t come soon enough!

The class was the perfect balance and flow of relaxation, mindfulness and activation of muscles and strength. As a “yoga-novice” I was a little apprehensive that I may struggle to either hold or feel comfortable in some of the poses – not so at all. Between the perfect consideration of props to assist with balance as needed and also very clear research on Jen’s behalf as to what poses would best suit a class of pregnant woman at various stages of pregnancy, it was immediately evident that each week I was going to learn from the class and be able to take away and practice those learnings in my own home – be that strength and toning poses or mindfulness and breathing – all things which are of course essential to a pregnant, and then labouring woman.

From the first class it was evident that Jen knew what she was doing, she took the time to explain the poses, to assist us individually as needed and her belief in our abilities was also evident and gave me complete confidence that we were in very capable and knowledgeable hands.

The mindfulness relaxation at the start and end of each class was also a wonderful way to connect with our bodies and babies and to celebrate the body’s ability to carry life and also sustain strength – both physically and mentally during pregnancy and beyond. The classes were empowering.

As I said, can’t wait for the next 6 – and then to convince Jen to start mums and bubs classes also!”

Melinda Gonczarek

"I was really struggling with my third trimester of pregnancy. Low mood, low energy and I was just not enjoying my time. After my first session of pre-natal yoga with Jenni I instantly felt better. My body felt lighter, my brain felt lighter and I started to be excited about my pregnancy again.

I highly recommend pre-natal yoga to any expectant mother. Jenni is a wonderful teacher. She is warm, calming and highly skilled in her work."

Rochelle Griffith

“I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful pre-natal yoga classes!

I had my baby (a baby girl) on 16/8 and so much of what you taught and got us to practise was useful/in my mind during my labour (I got to have a natural birth - a water birth).

I look forward to starting up post-natal yoga in the not-too-distant future.

Thank you again!”

Esther Packard Hill

“I have done both the pre and postnatal courses and they are brilliant! The instructors are so supportive and knowledgeable and I really feel the classes have made a huge difference to my pregnancy and now motherhood journey both physically and mentally.”

Alyson Pazios

“The pre-natal yoga classes I took at Offspring Yoga were invaluable for preparing my body and my mind for labour. I truely believe that the sessions and Jenni’s support contributed to my very positive labour experience ❤️ Thanks team.”

Breanna Maarbani