Jenni Clearihan (Founder)

Exercise has been a part of my life since I was a kid, a physical outlet has always been important to me. Team sports throughout childhood and teens, then a mix of bootcamps/gym classes/pilates became more to my liking through my 20's. After dabbling in  various types of yoga but not finding anything that really stuck, 6 years ago I came across Power Yoga. It only took a few classes and I knew I had found something special. Not only did I receive the physical benefits that I initially went to the classes for, I was leaving class feeling lighter both mentally and emotionally. 

This lightness then seeped into my day to day life and I felt like a newer, fresher version of myself! I was discovering how to truly listen to what I needed, learning that being vulnerable was a strength not a weakness, learning to slow down and be truly present, being able to respond to situations rather than react, and how to make best use of my vital energy. 

This passion for yoga lead me to sign up and complete my 200hr teacher training course in Power Yoga/Vinyasa and I began teaching straight away. After the birth of my first son, knowing how instrumental the tools I had obtained in my yoga practice were in creating a positive birthing experience,  I felt an overwhelming desire to dive into the world of prenatal and postnatal yoga. So whilst on maternity leave, I completed my Pre and Postnatal Yoga teacher training course and created Offspring Yoga. 

I want to share the multi-layered benefits of yoga with others through connecting on and off the mat. Yoga is much more than a physical practice but what we learn through the physical postures is so meaningful and it can be projected in to all aspects of our lives. I like to teach a physically strong and empowering class but always offer ways to modify so that every practice is driven by how you feel in the moment.

My underlying inspiration is just how incredible pregnancy, birth and motherhood are. Challenging, yes of course, but nothing this amazing comes easily and I just hope to help make it a positive experience for all the ladies I meet!

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Mel Collings

My yoga journey began about 10 years ago with the intention it would help support my body to cope with the physical stresses of rock climbing. Although it did this well, I was unexpectedly drawn into everything that was yoga, which in turn has completely changed the trajectory of my life. 

I am now a RYT 200 in Power and Vinyasa, and RPYT (pre and postnatal yoga teacher) with yoga alliance, as well as being a qualified kid and family yoga teacher. I’ve been teaching for about 7 years and had 3 babies during that time!  I have a Cert IV in fitness, and I’m also an early childhood teacher and child development nerd.

As a Mum of 3, yoga has definitely evolved into a much more spiritual practice for me over the years. With less time on my mat, I’m constantly trying to embody the Yogic lessons I learn from my children and the other experiences I gain from motherhood. My back definitely doesn’t bend the same way it did 5 years ago... but my practice has never been stronger. 

I love making yoga challenging for not only myself, but for the students I teach. I believe that being challenged in different ways during a yoga practice can really help bring a good dose of awareness to both the body and mind. My classes are always authentic, often energetic and always a bit playful. I like to keep things interesting, work with creative sequencing and share inspiration to deepen the practice, as well as keeping the classes lighthearted and enjoyable. I firmly believe that judgement has no place in a yoga studio, so lets just keep things real - laughter, questions and banter are always welcome in my class.